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AAU Team Rankings

17U Summer Team Rankings (Updated August 5, 2014)

Rank Team Name Record Wins of Note (MN) Losses of Note (MN) Last Week
1 Howard Pulley EYBL 31-12 Cyclones, Magic Elite, SW Stars, tMBA2 1
2 D1 Minnesota 22-17 Select Ohnstad, Comets Lewis, tMBA, Fury Johnson, WOTN Flavin, TC Rebels, tMBA2, Heat Carlson Comets Lewis 2
3 Minnesota Basketball Academy 35-9 Net Gain, Fury Johnson, Comets Lewis, Heat Calistro, Select Ohnstad, MN Phenom, Pulley Black 16s, Cyclones, EOTO, Select Ellis D1 MN 3
4 Net Gain Sports 24-14 WOTN Nicols, Real Athletics, ECI tMBA 4
5 Fury Johnson 41-9 Comets Lewis (x3), Heat Bui (x2), Select Ohnstad, Cyclones, Pulley 16s Blue, Real Athletics, TC RR, WOTN N tMBA, D1 MN, Dakota Phenom, East Ridge 5
6 Select Ohnstad 27-16 WOTN Nicols, Cyclones, Comets Servaty (x2), Magic Black, Fury Meier, Pulley 16s Blue (x2), EOTO D1 MN, tMBA, Heat Bui, Fury Johnson, Comets Lewis 6
7 Cyclones 29-19 Heat Calistro, Comets Lewis, WOTN Nicols, MN Phenom, Real Athletics (x2), Fury Meier, Comets Servaty, Heat Carlson, Comets Moser Fury Johnson, Pulley EYBL, Select Ohnstad, Real Athletics, Pulley Black 16s, tMBA, D1 MN 16s 7
8 Comets Lewis 26-19 D1 MN, Select, Fury Johnson, Pulley Blue 16s, Heat Calistro, Fury Meier, tMBA 2, WC United, EOTO, Heat Bui, TC Rebels D1 MN, Fury Johnson (x3), Cyclones, tMBA, Triple Threat 8
9 MN Phenom 21-15 Heat McKee (x2), Triple Threat, EOTO Red, Heat Berndt, Fury Meier, WOTN B Pulley 16s EYBL, tMBA, Cyclones, Fury Peterson 16s 10
10 Triple Threat 21-12 Comets Lewis, Comets Moser (x2), Comets Servaty, Select Ellis, Heat Calistro, WOTN Nicols, Magic Black (x2), TC Rebs Comets Lewis, Fury Johnson, MN Phenom, Select Ellis, TC Rebels, MND116 11
11 Fury Meier 26-16 TC Rebels, Heat Bui, Select Ellis, Heat McKee, tMBA2, WOTN Brooks SW Stars, Comets Lewis, Select Ohnstad,Cyclones, Phenom 14
12 Real Athletics 16-17 ECI, Cyclones, EOTO Red, EOTO Black, Thunder, TC Rebels, Heat Bui, Heat Carlson, Comet Moser WOTN Nicols, Fury Johnson, Net Gain, Pulley Black 16s, Cyclones (x2) 9
13 Heat Bui 19-20 tMBA2, Phenom 16s, Magic Black, Select Ohnstad, EOTO (x2), SW MN Stars Fury Meier, tMBA 2, Fury Johnson (x2), Comets Lewis, Pulley Blue 16s, Real Athletics 12
14 Heat Calistro 29-13 Comets Servaty (x2), WOTN 2 (x2), SW Stars, TC Rebels, Fury Wilde 16s, Heat McKee, Comets Moser, Select Ellis Triple Threat, tMBA, Comets Lewis, WOTN Nicols (x2), Cyclones 15
15 SW Stars 17-19 Heat Berndt, Magic Elite, tMBA 2, Fury Meier, EOTO Magic Black, Heat Calistro, Pulley EYBL, D1 MN 16s, Heat Bui 13
16 WOTN Brooks 20-12 WOTN Nicols, Select Ellis, Comets Servaty, West Central United, WOTN Flavin, Fury North, Heat Wagner, MN Slam (x2) Cyclones, Fury Meier, Phenom, D1MN16, Heat Berndt, WOTN Flavin, Heat Calistro, Comets Servaty 18
17 WOTN Nicols 21-23 Heat Calistro (x2), Comets Moser, Fury North, Heat Berndt, Real Athletics, Comets Regional WOTN Brooks, Net Gain, Cyclones, Select Ohnstad, Triple Threat, Fury Johnson (x2), 16
18 TC Runnin Rebels 17-19 Triple Threat, Heat Bernt, Phenom 16s, NE Shooters, Magic Gold, Magic Black, Comets Servaty Triple Threat, D1MN, Heat Bui, Comets Lewis (x2), Real Athletics, Fury Meier, Heat Calistro, Heat Carlson, Grassroots MN, Fury Johnson 17
19 tMBA2 16-16 CRF Academy, Magic Elite, Heat Bui, Dakota Phenom, West Central 2 D1MN (x2), Heat Carlson, Comets Lewis, SW Stars, Pulley EYBL, Fury Meier, Heat Bui, 21
20 Comets Servaty 17-24 WOTN Brooks, EOTO Red, Select Ellis, Fury North, Heat Carlson Select Ohnstad (x2), Triple Threat, WOTN Brooks, Cyclones, Heat Calistro (x2), TC Runnin Rebels (x2) 19
21 Select Ellis 19-22 Heat McKee (x2), EOTO Red, Comets Moser (x2), Triple Threat, Magic, WOTN Flavin Triple Threat, WOTN Nicols, Magic, WOTN Brooks, Pulley Black 16s, tMBA, Comets Servaty, Fury Meier, Heat Calistro 20
22 Heat McKee 19-21 SMBA, MN Ice, Grassroots MN, Comets Moser, Comets Regional, West Central, Heat Carlson, EOTO 2 EOTO Red, Select Ellis (x2), Phenom (x2), Fury Meier, Heat Calistro, Comets Moser 22
23 Magic Black 19-22 SW Stars, West Central United, Heat Wagner, Heat Carlson (x2), EOTO Red, Ice, Select Ellis MN Orangemen, Select Ohnstad, EOTO Black, Heat Calistro, Heat Carlson, Triple Threat (x2), TC RR, Comets Servaty, WOTN Brooks 23
24 Comets Moser 15-26 SMBA, SW Slam, Heat McKee, MN Slam Comets Regional, Heat Calistro, Triple Threat, Select Ellis, Heat Carlson, Cyclones, Real Athletcis 24
25 Heat Carlson 10-18 TC Runnin Rebels, NE Shooters, Magic Black, SW Slam, Orangemen, CRF, Comets Moser, tMBA2 D1MN, Magic Black (x2), Magic Gold, Comets Servaty, Cyclones (x2), Real Athletics, Heat McKee 25

16U Summer Team Rankings (Updated August 18, 2014)

x Team Names Records MN Wins MN Losses Previous Rank
1 D1 Minnesota 31-10 Select, Fury Wilde, Net Gain, WOTN17, Select Ellis 17, Cyclones 17U, SW MN Stars 17U, tMBA2 17U 1
2 Pulley Black 25-13 Select Ellis 17s, Phenom 17s, Real Athletics 17U, Cyclones 17U tMBA 17U 2
3 Net Gain 34-13 MN Swish, MN Suns, Real Athletics (x3), Comets Stumpf, Lockdown, Fury Sand, SWStars, Heat NW D1 MN, Comets Stumpf 3
4 Fury Wilde 40-10 Select, Comets Stumpf (x2), Heat Vang, Fury Sand, Comets DLR, Pulley Black 15s, WOTN Socoli (x2), Heat Schwartz, Heat Schumann D1 MN, Heat Calistro 17, Phenom, Pulley Black , Comets Stump 4
5 Comets Stumpf 35-16 Net Gain, Fury Wilde, Phenom, Select (x3), Heat NE, Fury Sand, Heat Vang, Suns, Lockdown, WOTN Swedberg, RR Heat, Heat Schwarz Fury Sand, Net Gain, Heat Vang, Fury Wilde (x2), Fury Peterson, Select, Pulley 15U 5
6 MN Select 36-15 Fury Sand, Comets Stumpf, Heat NW, Lockdown, WOTN Si, SWStars, Pulley Black 15s, RR Heat, Fury Peterson (x3), Heat Schwartz, WOTN Swedberg (x2) D1 MN, Heat Vang, Fury Wilde, Comets Stumpf (x2) 6
7 Real Athletics 24-11 Phenom, Heat Schumann, Heat Vang (x2), Fury Sand, WOTN Swedberg, Suns Wilson, tMBA, Fury Sand Net Gain (x2), Phenom 8
8 Pulley Blue 21-15 EOTO, SW Stars, Suns, Magic Elite, Heat Bui 17s, EOTO 17s Fury Johnson 17s, Select Ohnstad 17s, Comets Lewis 17s 7
9 Heat Vang 22-14 Comets Stumpf, Select, EOTO, Pulley Black 15s, MN Suns (x2), Fury Peterson, Swish Real Athletics (x2), Comets Stumpf, Fury Wilde 11
10 Heat Northwest 25-9 Fury Peterson, WOTN Swedberg, High Impact, Heat Schwarz, RR Heat, WOTN Sicoli Comets Stumpf, Select, Lockdown, Net Gain 10
11 Phenom 17-10 Fury Wilde, Fury Peterson, Real Athletics, tMBA, MN Suns 2, RR Heat, Heat Schumann, WC united 17s Comes Stumpf, Real Athletics, Heat Bui 17s, TC Runnin Rebels 17s 9
12 WOTN Swedberg 23-13 SE MN Lightning (x2), Fury Peterson, Comets DLR, MN Suns, tMBA, RR Heat Real Athletics, Fury Wilde, Fury Sand, Select (x2), Fury Peterson, Comets Stumpf 13
13 Fury Peterson 24-14 Comets Stumpf, Comets DLR, Heat East, WOTN, Swish (x2), Heat Schwarz, Phenom 17u Select (x2), WOTN Swedberg, Heat Vang, Phenom 14
14 SW MN Stars 21-12 WOTN Socoli, Comets DLR (x2), Suns, Magic Elite, EOTO, Lockdown (x2), Fury Sand Select, Heat Schumann, Pulley Blue 15
15 Fury Sand 26-16 Comets Stumpf, Magic Gold, WOTN Swedberg, Heat Schumann, CMC Elite, Comets DLR, Suns Wilson, Real Athletics Select, Comets Stumpf, Real Athletics, Heat Schwarz, Fury Wilde, Net Gain, SW Stars 12
16 Comets DLR 30-14 MN Ice, Heat East, Heat Schumann, Comets Regional, SW Lightning, RR Heat Fury Peterson, SW Stars, Mn Swish, Fury Wilde, Ice, WOTN Swedberg, Fury Sand 16
17 MN Lockdown 19-22 TNL, Suns (x2), MN Swish (x2), Heat Schwarz, Heat NW, WOTN Sicoli, Heat East, Magic 17 Heat East, SE MN Lightning, Magic Elite, SW Stars, Comets Stumpf, Select, Net Gain , Fury Meier 17 17
18 RR Heat 17-13 MN Ice, MN PREP, Heat Schumann (x2), JM, Real Atheltics 2, WOTn Sicoli, Heat Schwarz MN Select, Heat East (x2), Phenom, Heat NW, Heat Schwarz, Comets DLR, WOTN Swedburg 23
19 WOTN Socoli 22-14 TNL, MBA Cass, Heat East, Heat Schumann, Magic Gold, MN Suns Fury Wilde (x2), SW Stars, Heat NW, Lockdown, Select 18
20 Heat Schwartz 23-22 tMBA Cass, MN Swish, Fury Sand, Heat Schumann, RR Heat, Suns Fury Wilde, Select, Heat NW, Lockdown, Lightning, Comets Stumpf, Heat East 19
21 Heat Schumann 15-18 ECI Select, SW Stars, MN Swish Phenom, Real Athletics, Heat NW, Fury Wilde, RR Heat (x2), WOTN Sicoli, Heat Schwarz, Comets Regional, Fury Sand, Comets DLR 24
22 MN Swish 16-13 SE MN Lightning (x2), ECI, ND Phenom, Magic Elite, Heat Frazier, Comets DLR tMBA 17U, Net Gain, Heat Schumann, Heat Schwarz, Fury Peterson (x2), MN Lockdown (x2), RR Heat, Suns, Heat Vang 20
23 Magic Elite 7-9 Lockdown, Suns, EOTO, Comets Blue, SW MN Stars, Pulley Blue, Fury Sand, MN Swish, WOTN Sicoli (x2), WOTN Swedburg, Fury Peterson 21
24 Heat East 10-16 MN Lockdown, RR Heat (x2), Heat Schwarz D1 MN, Comets DLR, WOTN Socoli, Fury Peterson, Lockdown, Comets Stumpf 22
25 Suns Wilson 14-27 Heat Schwarz, Comets Regional, MN Swish MN Phenom, WOTN Swedberg, Net Gain, Fury Sand, Heat Schwarz, Heat Vang, (x2) Fury Peterson, Heat Schwarz, SW Stars, Magic Gold, Lockdown, Pulley Blue, WOTN Sicoli 25

15U Summer Team Rankings (Updated August 8, 2014)

Team Record Key MN Wins Key MN Losses Previous
1 Fury Zurn 45-5 Ice, Slam, Comets Schmidt, Heat Nord (x3), Select (x2), EOTO , WOTN, SW Stars, Crossfire, Heat Crandall, D1MN 14s, Heat Nelson, Piranhas MN Ice, MN Warriors, Elite Eight 1
2 Pulley Black 31-10 SW Stars, Airborne Elite, MN Future Stars, EOTO 16s, Fury Wilde 16U, Comets Stumpf 16U Fury Wilde 16s, Select 16s, Heat Vang 16s 2
3 MN Warriors 37-7 Triple Threat (x2), Comets Schmidt (x2), SW Slam, MN Ice (x2), MN Lockdown, Fury Zurn, Select, Elite Eight, MN Magic, Phenom, Nice Heat Nord, Magic Elite 3
4 Comets Schmidt 30-9 MN Lockdown, WOTN H, Heat Nord, Select (x2), SW Slam, MN Nice, MN Ice, EOTO, Pulley 2, Heat Gallagher, Magic Elite, MN Lockdown, Fury Coleman, Fury Zurn, MN Warriors (x2) 4
5 Minnesota Ice 26-8 Heat Van, Heat Crandall, Fury Zurn, Crossfire, MN Lockdown, Elite Eight, Magic Elite Lockdown, MN Warriors (x2), Comets Schmidt, Fury Zurn, Select 5
6 Fury Coleman 30-11 WOTN, SW Slam (x2), Magic Gold, Comets Schmidt, Heat Crandall (x2), Real Athletics, WOTN, Heat Gallagher MN Magic, MN Lockdown, Comets Schmidt, Triple Threat, SW Slam 9
7 Heat Nord 23-11 MN Lockdown, Pulley 2, Triple Threat, Comets Jo, MN Warriors, Real Athletics, Heat Hopper, EOTO, Select, MN Ice, MN PREP, Fury Zurn (x3), Comets Schmidt, SW Stars 10
8 Elite Eight 14-8 Heat Johnson, WOTN, Heat Wiley, Mn Lockdown, Fury Zurn, Crossfire MN Warriors, SW Stars, Ice 6
9 SW Slam Dahl 18-8 Lockdown, Fury Coleman, D1MN14, Heat Callahan, Comes JO, Heat Van Warriors (x2), Fury Zurn, Fury Coleman (x2), P.R.E.P. 8
10 Minnesota Lockdown 19-13 MN Ice, SW Slam Dahl, Comets Schmidt, MN Suns (x2), Fury Coleman, Magic Elite Heat Nord, MN Ice, MN Warriors, Crossfire, Elite Eight, SW Slam, Comets JO (x2) 7